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Wellness is a journey.

It’s about more than simply what you eat or the size and shape of your body. It is about your whole self and a balanced life.

It’s about eating real food & feeding your body the nutrients it needs.

It’s about feeling good when you move. Sleeping well. Having energy. Lowering stress. Having meaningful relationships. Finding joy in life. Being your best self.

It’s about making simple and sustainable changes that you can stick to and that actually fit in your life.

No diets. Wellness isn’t about restricting yourself or counting calories. Food is fuel for the body. Eat to get your body working at its best. Take in whole foods and real foods that give your body and mind all the nutrients and minerals it needs and wants.

And, yes! It is about indulging sometimes too. Enjoy a glass of wine or a night out. Linger around the table enjoying a good meal with friends & family. Have fun. Laugh.

Wellness includes all of these things.


Who do I work with? Are you…..

Looking to be healthier?…… Feel better. Sleep better. Up your energy. Lower your stress. Fuel up with whole foods. Find joy in life. Make time for self care. Nourish your body & provide what it needs. Make easy and simple changes that fit your (busy) schedule. I work with all women looking for wellness, not just moms.

Just curious about wellness? …… Let’s talk. We can figure out what you want to get accomplished, and what are some small and big changes you could make to get there. Email me.

Trying to conceive?……. A healthy body increases the chances of conceiving naturally. Eating wholesome foods, lowering stress, and moderately exercising all help your body prepare to handle the transition to pregnancy.

Pregnant?….. Create an optimal womb environment for baby. Eat to fuel baby’s growth & provide the essential nutrients baby needs at each stage of development. Lower stress. Alleviate common pregnancy ailments. Move your body. Prepare for baby’s arrival and the transition to motherhood.

Breastfeeding?….. Provide the right nourishment for your body so you can provide for baby. Bond with your baby. Make sure you are getting what you need so you are able to take care of baby’s needs. Heal your body after childbirth. Work through colic, food allergies, and breastfeeding struggles.

New Mom?…… Transition into motherhood. Make sure you are taking care of yourself so you are at your best for baby. Get moving again with postpartum exercise. Bond with baby. Navigate nutrition for baby and the weaning stages. Interpret baby cues and cries. Ask for help. Work through colic and allergies/food sensitivities. Rest.  Identify the baby blues. Take time for yourself. Eat right to help lose the pregnancy weight. Lower stress and anxiety. Balance life and baby.

Seasoned Mom?…… Boost your energy. Sleep better. Get moving. Lower stress. Lose the baby weight. Be your best mom self. Find joy.



Coaching is free from judgement. It is a partnership. We will work together to reach your goals.

Life is busy and hectic, so let’s find what works best for you. I offer multiple options for coaching, depending on how much (or little) support you want.

Email me with a little about yourself (name, age, stage of pregnancy) and your goals for wellness/what you’re hoping to achieve. Then we can set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation where we can chat and get to know each other and decide what program is best for you before we begin this wellness journey together.


One on One

1 month program (3 sessions)

3 month program (6 sessions)

6 month program (12 sessions)

What’s covered in our sessions

– 30 minute free call to review your health history and goals

-Monthly sessions where we look at your habits, review what you and baby need, discuss your goals and progress & work on making sustainable changes (via phone, Skype or in-person*)

-Personalized follow-up notes after each session and goals to work on before our next meeting or chat.

-Program materials focused on your goals — easy-to-understand nutrition knowledge, key information on pregnancy & transition to motherhood, pre/post natal exercise recommendations, life tips (like…how to keep on track during a business trip or vacation), methods for managing stress, recipes, & meal prep/shopping advice

-Full support —  you have my personal commitment to your health and success

-Email support — for when you have questions in between sessions


Want to learn with your friends or fellow mamas?

Sometimes it is more fun to work on wellness with your friends. They provide support and encouragement and hold you accountable as well. Small group sessions are a great way to work on your wellness goals. It’s ok if you are all at different stages of your pregnancy journey.


Want to learn with your husband or partner?

Pregnancy is a great time for mom and dad to begin a wellness journey together.

Couples sessions are available and a great way to get started on your goals before your little one arrives.


Looking for a speaker at your event?

Large and small group workshops are available


Pantry Refresh

Not sure where to begin? Let’s do it together. We’ll go through what you have and decide together where you may be able to swap in better choices, or just help you be more aware of what you take in everyday. We’ll come up with a list of some great things to stock up with so you can stay on track.

Grocery Store Trip

It can be overwhelming to know what are the best things to buy at the shop. There are so many choices, nutrition labels are confusing, and ingredient lists are tough to read….. Let’s navigate the aisles and labels together

Recipe Refresh

Have a favorite recipe that you love but might not be the healthiest? You don’t have to forget about it! It could be your occasional splurge OR we could revamp it together to make it healthier so you can enjoy it more often.

Meal Planning

Eating well is easier when you are prepared for it. Planning ahead helps you be ready for snack and meal times & helps you make healthier choices when hunger kicks in. It also saves you time through the week. Planning may seem daunting but doesn’t need to be complicated. Let’s go through the steps for planning out your week and shopping list so you can get started.


A few facts…..

*Sessions are by phone, Skype, or in person if you are local to Southwest London/Surrey

Vegetarian? Vegan? Dairy free? Gluten free? Diabetic? Medical diet?….. We will make everything fit your lifestyle.

I promote eating real foods, whole foods– those that are minimally or not processed and as close to their natural form as possible. But it also has to fit with real life!

I’m NOT going to tell you what to do or force you to follow rules.. This is YOUR choice to feel better.  I will help you LEARN what your body needs to function, to thrive, and to help you feel good. You will LEARN what your baby needs and what you can do to provide the best possible environment for your baby during pregnancy and after. You will LEARN how to get your mind and body in a good place so you can find balance and joy. You will LEARN how to take time to take care of you so you can be your best self.


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